J. Kendzorra wrote:
Michael Bowe:
I searched the sources of qmail and vpopmail, and that error does not
appear anywhere.
Are you sure that is the exact error that you are receiving?
If so, then what other patches are you running on your qmail/vpopmail

I'm rather sure that message comes from the patches here:
The author has already been informed that the message is a little bit 
strange. I'm also using this a-i-o patch, and it works like a charm.
The reason for songrit's problem may be elsewhere.


Actually, the error that he gave is in qMail itself, and means that the domain they are trying to send to is not in their /var/qmail/control(s)/rcpthosts, and if they have the auth patch applied, it means they are not allowed to relay.

Simple as that :)


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