Say, during setup of vpopmail initially, I setup a default quota of 10m.  I use
the latest vpopmail/qmailadmin and don't allow domain postmasters to change
quotas (must be done through commandline only).

Now, let's say I add 3 domains: domain1.com, domain2.com, and domain3.com. domain1.com is to have all their subsequent users to have 10m quotas - no big
deal. Everytime their postmaster logs in and creats a new user, it gets
assigned a 10m quota.

Now, I want all the users of domain2.com to have a 20m quota.  Is there a way to
automate this?  Initially, when [EMAIL PROTECTED] is created it is
automatically assigned a 10m quota and I would have to change that myself. NOTE:
I am not talking about domain quotas (since that is always the response I get)!
I'm talking about per user domain quotas aside from the set quota during
initial configuration.

So with that in mind, I want domain2.com's users to EACH have a 20m quota now. Since I am not the one adding the users (their postmaster is through qmailadmin
and he doesn't have the ability to modify quotas...as how can you trust that
he'll put 20m each time, heh?

Does this make sense?  I believe this is what Justin was trying to describe and
what I've been trying to find an answer to for months now.  If this currently
isn't possible, does anyone else think this would be a great feature to add?

Unless I'm not getting this right, vmoddomlimits should be exactly what you need:

vmoddomlimits: usage: [options] domain
options: -v ( display the vpopmail version number )
        -S ( show current settings )
        -Q quota ( set domain quota )
        -q quota ( set default user quota )

So a one-time "vmoddomlimits -q 20971520 domain2.com", together with a "vmoduser -q 20971520 [EMAIL PROTECTED]" for the postmaster account, and you're done.


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