However you can just add the user to the database without needing to attach
to the 
shell at all and have vpopmail create the user the first time the user
receives an
email. Makes a lot of sense when your billing system has been modified to do
for you.


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>From: Paul L. Allen [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] 
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>Subject: [vchkpw] Re: Inserting new users via mysql-insert 
>into the vpopmail database
>Oliver Etzel - GoodnGo.COM \(R\) writes:
>> I want to create new users like [EMAIL PROTECTED] NOT with vadduser
>Why would you not want to use vadduser?
>> BUT with just .
>With just what?
>> Any hints,
>> how I can generate the encrypted password in the column pw_passwd
>> (looks like this $1$S/TPu$GjMMj7yMJqG.0ckx) ???????
>Yes, I could tell you how to do that.  But creating an entry in
>MySQL and crypting the password is only part of the process that
>vadduser (or any of the web admin interfaces like qmailadmin which use
>the vpopmail libraries) do.
>It really is easier to use vadduser or link to the appropriate routines
>in the vpopmail libraries (or use one of the webadmin tools). It is
>also safer, because if vpopmail changes in the future, vadduser will do
>whatever is necessary to accommodate that change whereas your method
>(whatever it is) may not.
>Paul Allen
>Softflare Support

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