John wrote:


Yeah, qmailadmin/vqadmin are great tools we use, but I have designed a tool
at work that manages apache vhosts, dialup accounts, dhcp leases, etc, all
in one application (csr application), and I wanted to make my development
time for the email/pop/etc.. admin part of the tool shorter to save work
some money since I knew an extension was being developed.

If anyone else would be interested in a working php extension, let me know.
We are using the 5.3.29 series and php 4.3.x, so work would mainly support
newer versions, not really old vpopmail versions or older php versions for

I'll contact the vpopmail extension owner, and maybe give a status update
later if anyone's interested.


That would be great. I am looking to take down development time on my own control panel software as well, so it would be nice, otherwise id just write it in C++.


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