Charles Sprickman writes:

> > I'm finding that autorespond doesn't look like a good choice for people
> > used to a standard vacation responder

It is a BAD choice for a vacation responder.  It lacks many features
ESSENTIAL in a vacation responder.  You might as well ask if sticking
your naughty bits in a mincer is a good choice for people used to real
women.  It is THAT bad.

> > Would other programs be "plug and play" (forget qmailadmin usage for a
> > moment)?

If you use sqwevmail and maildrop then you can do a lot better.  Ezcept
that there is still a dispute as to whether this stuff should be handled
in vpopmail or qmailadmin.  I have a quick and dirty hack that adds what
is necessary to vpopmail (it doesn't deal with quotas but somebody sent
me a hack to my hack which is claimed. to deal with quotas).

> > Some things I'm looking at:

Sqwebmail's filters do this and more.  You don't have to use Sqwebmail
for them to take effect, only to define them

Paul Allen
Softflare Support

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