On Tue, 4 Nov 2003, Paul L. Allen wrote:

> > > I'm finding that autorespond doesn't look like a good choice for people
> > > used to a standard vacation responder
> It is a BAD choice for a vacation responder.  It lacks many features
> ESSENTIAL in a vacation responder.  You might as well ask if sticking
> your naughty bits in a mincer is a good choice for people used to real
> women.  It is THAT bad.

Paul, don't hold back, tell me what you really think of autorespond, OK?
Heh heh.

> Sqwebmail's filters do this and more.  You don't have to use Sqwebmail
> for them to take effect, only to define them

Hmmm.  I hate the look of that thing, but I've been toying with installing
it just for fun.  Perhaps I'll see what kind of maildrop file it writes
for vacation and steal that.  Although the qmail-autorespond has some
tempting features, including mysql support for storing the "away message"
and the list of email addresses it has replied to.  Plus I think I can
maintain some qmailadmin compatibility.



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