> I am this close -> '' to getting courier-imap to work (well) with vchkpw.
> I have compiled courier --without-authdaemon and --with-authvchkpw.
> I have been running vpopmail 5.2.1 for a while now, but on someone's
> advice I also compiled 5.3.29 and copied libvpopmail.a to the
> /home/vpopmail/lib directory, renaming the old one.  I did this, of
> course, before I built courier-imap.

Why did you do this?

> I realize my whole setup is cracked, especially the fact that I did
> not install vpopmail 5.3.29, that I'm just using the libvpopmail.a
> from it.  I didn't want to screw up my vpopmail installation, since
> it has been working fine for so long now.

If you dont want to use the vpopmail 5.3.x devel versions, you should
instead use vpopmail-5.2.2, as this build includes many bugfixes over
the 5.2.1 version, including one very important bug fix that relates
to courier-imap


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