This should fix all known problems with 5.3.29.

Michael Bowe
- Fixed logic error in update_rules(), to prevent "update_rules
  failed" error being generated on the first attempt for a
  roaming user to POP auth [833926]
- Remove "id" column in PostgeSQL's vpopmail table.
  This column appears to serve no purpose, and causes errors
  when you try to insert your first domain [822181]
- Added installation instructions for PostgreSQL to the
  README.pgsql file [824088]
- Made the default ~vpopmail/etc/vpopmail.mysql file more
- Cleared two bugs in the vauth_getall() funcion of vpgsql.c
  These bugs were in particular causing qmailadmin not to be
  able to display a list of users for a domain [837139]
- Modified ifdefs throughout suite to clear compile failures
  with some of the auth backends if you configured with
  --enable-auth-logging=n [842393]

Tom Collins
- Install a vlimits.default file if none exists (fixes "can't
  read domain limits" errors). [828428,828658]
- Allow for comments in vlimits.default and .qmailadmin-limits.
- Ignore K/KB/M/MB modifiers on vmoddomlimits -Q. [821892]
- Update help for vmoddomlimits to indicate that -Q is MB.

Justin Heesemann
- Add -d option to vmoddomlimits to work with vlimits.default.
- Fix bitwise AND when setting pw_gid.
- Fix bug when setting NO_DIALUP. [833926]

Bill Shupp
- Set uid/gid when creating maildirsize in vuserinfo. [832588,832592]

Dmitry Vodennikov
- Save/restore current working directory before/after calling
  vdelfiles() in vdeldomain(). [835724]

Rolf Eike Beer
- Fix some prototypes and typecasts in maildirquota.c to allow for
  compilation with cc on HP-UX 11.00. [840001]
- Add vchangepw program to allow any user to change their password
  (modified from vpasswd). [840001]

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