BTW, I have been using 5.3.29 in production for quite some time and it does
work really well. (One running RH 7.3 the other running SuSE 8.2)

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On Thursday, November 20, 2003, at 06:05  PM, Gary wrote:
> Is this release to be considered useable in a production environment 
> where
> 5.3.29 was not?

For some users, 5.3.29 had serious problems that prevented it from 
working.  5.3.30 should have fixed those problems.

I'm still using 5.3.20 on my production server.  Michael Bowe has been 
using 5.3.29 on his production server (since most of the problems were 
related to pop-before-smtp and he doesn't use that feature).

It's up to you what you decide to do.  5.2.2 was the last stable 
release, and I seriously hope we can get a 5.4 release out by the end 
of the year.

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