Michael Bowe wrote:
Jonas Pasche said:
Is there any possibility to remove that functionality and let
vget_assign return the same domain name it got from the user's input?

Will other things break without this functionality?

>From what I remember, it does need to be this way.

A particular example I can think of is when using the
MySQL backend, SQL queries are built using the domain
name returned by vget_assign, and unless the real domain
is used, the SQL is going to fail.



We should add another flag of some sort to vget_assign which is 0 by default, but in programs like qmailadmin can be set to 1, to make it return the domain the user logged in with, and not the "real" domain. This would then no break anything, and only qmailadmin would he to be rewritten.


Note: This is just an idea.

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