Hi there,

I'm facing a small problem regarding the fact the vget_assign function
in vpopmail.c always returns the real domain instead of the domain that
the user used for authentication. At least this is what I get from the

01/26/02 - [...]

         - vget_assign now will over write the incoming domain name with
           the real domain name. So from the example above, if you call
           strcpy( domain, "ken.com");
           vget_assign(domain, dir, uid, gid); The domain variable will
           contain "test.com".

On my servers, users can have more than one domain; in fact they're able
to add/delete domains on the fly. Because a "main domain" (created with
vadddomain) cannot be easily renamed, I decided to create a static
hostname for each user in the form "<userid>.user.jonaspasche.com" and
add all domains that a user wishes as aliasdomains to this internal
hostname. That way, there's no hassle when a user wants to add further
domain and one day decides to delete his first domain (which would have
caused lots of trouble if this first domain would have been created with

For POP/IMAP and SMTP relay access, everything works fine. The problem
is with qmailadmin, which shows only the internal hostname, even if the
user logged in with one of his "real" domains. Furthermore, creating
ezmlm mailing lists causes the internal hostname to be written into the
config file and into the text/* files, which in turn looks ugly when
ezmlm sends out confirmations and so on.

Is there any possibility to remove that functionality and let
vget_assign return the same domain name it got from the user's input?

Will other things break without this functionality?

Thanks for your time, Jonas.

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