Myron Davis <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> The above script grabs all custom filter settings dropped by
>> spamassassin and works fine, EXCEPT in the following circumstances:
>> you have a catchall and you send a message to the catchall, then it
>> executes the script except $EXT (and also possibly $HOST is wrong if
>> it is a aliased domain) as vpopmail does not bother to change that
>> variable.

This is typical.  Mainly because any and all mailfilter filters grab the
address the mail is being sent to, NOT what vpopmail is forwarding the mail
to.  Because spamassassin does not know what vpopmail is, there's currently
no way around this that I know of.

The problem I'm having is spamassassin is creating user preferences files
for users that don't exist (because of what I just explained, and a


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