I threw up the options on http://vchkpw.xyxx.com you can look through my
configuration as necessary, here's a short summary (the README on the
site) of what I've thrown up.

-- README --
filters.tar.gz:  squirrelmail module I'm using for vpopmail for dropping
                [EMAIL PROTECTED] files, this allows the user to filter
                mail through maildrop
local.cf        my configuration file for sql based spamassassin to check
                its values from a database that is populated by the
                squirrelmail plugin
sasql.tar.gz    version 2.2.3 off of the squirrelmail site, this plugins
                will modify each users setting in sql which spamassassin will
                read via the local.cf file.  user userpref.sql.gz to load
                your database up
userpref.sql.gz userpref.sql for mysql for the spamassassin table
qmail-src       this is my custom qmail-src package which I modified off of
                the stock debian version.  includes the following changes:
                errno.h behavior changes
                added control/maxrcpts
                added mail bomb protection
                added variable QMAILQUEUE support
                added dns envelope checking support
                Added big-concurrency.patch
                Added big-todo.103.patch
                Added qmail-1.03-autouidgid.patch
                Added qmail-1.03-bind-interface.patch
                Added qmail-1.03-condredirect.patch
                Added qmail-1.03-install-path-big-todo.patch
                Added qmail-1.03-pop3d-stat.patch
                Added qmail-1.03-showctl.patch
                Added qmail linksync reiserfs patch
                Added tls.patch for encryption
                Changed the contrib checkpassword to version 0.90
                Changed the method of storing the rules to a more suitable way for
courier-imap    This is version this version has the source
                changed slightly in order to work with auto-relay.
                remember you MUST manually copy authlib/authvchkpw into the authlib
                directory!  and change all references in the configuration files
                from authdaemon to authvchkpw
                my configure options for qmailadmin
                my configure options for vpopmail
                my mailfilter script for handling catchall, custom user filters
                (actualy I found a copy somewhere and modified it to include
                those features)

I also have the following working if anybody wants me to post it:
howto change vpopmail passwords in squirrelmail
add virus scanning via qmailscanner
retrieveuserdata does not work with the latest vpopmail, I have my custom
modifications to it if anybody is interested.  (i.e. have squirrelmail
username email address auto-populate from vpopmail if they are blank
-- README --

I hope it's useful to someone.


> On Tuesday, December 16, 2003 at 18:03 (which was Wednesday, December
> 17, 2003 at 4:03 where I am) Myron Davis wrote:
>> I have solved my own problem, the following script enables maildrop and
>> vpopmail to properly process catchall accounts.
> The script looks great. I'm just curious to know with what options
> you're currently running spamd and what quirrelmail plugin is used to
> work on the /var/www/data/[EMAIL PROTECTED] files.
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> Greetings,
> Maurice

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