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> I am using spamcop RBL to block known spammers
> Do you know how I can selectively EXEMPT certain virtualhosts from spamcop ?

This question has nothing to do with vpopmail.  Instead, it should go
either on the qmail mailing list, or the ucspi-tcp mailing list (since
rblsmtpd is part of the ucspi-tcp package, but most commonly used in
conjuction with qmail, so either would probably yield proper results),
but I will answer your qestion anyways.

> Say, hostation.com is a virtualhost on my system and I wish to accept all
> e-mail even from servers listed with spamcop.

from http://cr.yp.to/ucspi-tcp/rblsmtpd.html :

If the $RBLSMTPD environment variable is set and is nonempty, rblsmtpd
blocks mail. It uses $RBLSMTPD as an error message for the client.
Normally rblsmtpd runs under tcpserver; you can use tcprules to set
$RBLSMTPD for selected clients. 

If $RBLSMTPD is set and is empty, rblsmtpd does not block mail.

If $RBLSMTPD is not set, rblsmtpd looks up $TCPREMOTEIP in the RBL, and
blocks mail if $TCPREMOTEIP is listed. tcpserver sets up $TCPREMOTEIP as
the IP address of the remote host.

> :allow,RBLSMTPD="",TCPLOCALHOST="hostation.com"

why set TCPLOCALHOST?  just do this:


>From the example you provided, it seems that you want to do this only
for mails headed to some domain.  With only one IP address, that is not
possible.  However, you can set up a different smtp service on another
IP address, point your MX records at that, and allow spamcop listed
hosts either by not adding spamcop to your rblsmtpd list (something I
would recommend anyways, as they are too overly anal for my tastes), or
if you want to not block any mail to that domain, simply leave out
rblsmtpd all together.  Or, you can use any combination of setting
tcprules rules for hosts/removing rbl lists/removing rblsmtpd to get the
required effect.

Hope this helps, and please, in the future, try to post questions to the
proper mailing lists, as that is why they exist :)

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