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> > I am using spamcop RBL to block known spammers
> > Do you know how I can selectively EXEMPT certain virtualhosts from 
> > spamcop ?
> This question has nothing to do with vpopmail.  Instead, it 
> should go either on the qmail mailing list, or the ucspi-tcp 
> mailing list (since rblsmtpd is part of the ucspi-tcp 
> package, but most commonly used in conjuction with qmail, so 
> either would probably yield proper results), but I will 
> answer your qestion anyways.

Thanks Jeremy,
believe it or not, I do realize that this is a bit off topic to this mailing
list but I have been having unexplained phenomenon where my posts to qmail
list do not get through although I am receiving all the posts.
So I thought I give it a try here.  I think most subscribers here use qmail
and rblsmptd as well.
I guess I am hoping it doesn't bother people too much to solicit some
response from here.

> > Say, hostation.com is a virtualhost on my system and I wish 
> to accept 
> > all e-mail even from servers listed with spamcop.
> from http://cr.yp.to/ucspi-tcp/rblsmtpd.html :
> If the $RBLSMTPD environment variable is set and is nonempty, 
> rblsmtpd blocks mail. It uses $RBLSMTPD as an error message 
> for the client. Normally rblsmtpd runs under tcpserver; you 
> can use tcprules to set $RBLSMTPD for selected clients. 
> If $RBLSMTPD is set and is empty, rblsmtpd does not block mail.
> If $RBLSMTPD is not set, rblsmtpd looks up $TCPREMOTEIP in 
> the RBL, and blocks mail if $TCPREMOTEIP is listed. tcpserver 
> sets up $TCPREMOTEIP as the IP address of the remote host.

I read all that in the doc before and have a basic understanding how it
works.  My requirement is a bit different and I haven't come across any
published doc.

> > :allow,RBLSMTPD="",TCPLOCALHOST="hostation.com"
> why set TCPLOCALHOST?  just do this: 
> some.ip.add.ress:allow,RBLSMTPD=""
> .host.example.org:allow,RBLSMTPD=""

Well, as I explained, the control point I am trying to achieve is at the
receiving end and not the source IP since I can not possibly cover who are
currently listed.

> etc.
> >From the example you provided, it seems that you want to do this only
> for mails headed to some domain.  With only one IP address, 
> that is not possible.  However, you can set up a different 
> smtp service on another IP address, point your MX records at 
> that, and allow spamcop listed hosts either by not adding 
> spamcop to your rblsmtpd list (something I would recommend 
> anyways, as they are too overly anal for my tastes), or if 
> you want to not block any mail to that domain, simply leave 
> out rblsmtpd all together.  Or, you can use any combination 
> of setting tcprules rules for hosts/removing rbl 
> lists/removing rblsmtpd to get the required effect.

Yes, I thought of different MX records as well but this would necessitate
running qmail on a separate server since I cannot run 2 instances of
qmail-smtpd on the same port (25) on the same server even if each is using a
different virtual IP.  At least I don't think I can.

> Hope this helps, and please, in the future, try to post 
> questions to the proper mailing lists, as that is why they exist :)

Thanks for trying.  I am still trying to find out why is it that I cannot
post to the qmail list.


> -Jeremy
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