Thank you very much, Tom

> When you enable-roaming-users, you're enabling a "POP before SMTP" 
> feature.  That means you need to authenticate via POP and 
> pick up email 
> before attempting to send.  With a properly configured system, you'll 
> be able to send from your IP address for 30 minutes after you 
> establish 
> a POP connection.

Ya, ok, that's clear.

> Keep in mind that if you're using courier-imap you need to 
> recompile it 
> after building vpopmail with enable-roaming-users since it links 
> directly to libvpopmail instead of calling vchkpw.

That's not clear. I use qmail for pop3, and I will use Courier only for pop3
with ssl.
Now I'm testing the enable-roaming-users only with qmail and vpopmail

The problem is: when I use --enable-roaming-users=no, I haven't
possibilities to send an email from no-LAN ip to no-LAN ip. And that's
right. But when I use --enable-roaming-users=yes, nothing, and I don't
undestand why.

My steps:
1- ./configure ... --enable-roaming-users=n && make && make install
That works fine

2- qmailctl stop
(rm /home/vpopmail/bin/vchkpw)
make clean
./configure ... --enable-roaming-users=y && make && make install
qmailctl cdb
qmailctl start
Send email from [EMAIL PROTECTED] (internal account) to other external
account via different connection (dialup) --> 553, not allowed rcphost

I've forgotten something?

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