I anticipate that this release will become final/stable in the coming week. There might be a few more documentation additions/changes, but otherwise it should be solid and complete.

We've got some last-minute (yet significant) updates
to LDAP before the final 5.4.0 release.  This release
candidate also has some more documentation, and
should correct a problem with having incorrect owner/
group/permissions when doing `make install-strip`.

Michael Bowe
- Code fixes and documentation work for LDAP module.
  Incl updated README.ldap, vldap.c, vldap.h, ldap/slapd.conf,
  ldap/vpopmail.ldif. [863881] [811000] [864643]
- Rewrote the README.mysql based on my web based guide.
- Documentation tweaks for README.pgsql, README.roamingusers.

Tom Collins
- Remove unused var (cp), change random/srandom to rand/srand in
  vpopmail.c to remove compiler warnings.
- Fix Makefile to use correct owner/group/permissions for
- Fix configure to indicate that --enable-auth-logging is default.

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