From: Tom Collins [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] 
> >
> > Someone mentioned something about putting in a patch
> > so that cram-md5 auth would work with vchkpw. I can't
> > remember who it was but does anyone know if this has
> > been done?
> Shoot.  It hasn't been done.  I'm visiting family for the 
> holidays, and haven't been able to spend much time working
> on vpopmail.  I wanted to get a release candidate out, but
> I forgot that that patch was in my queue.
> Someone (Bowe?) wrote (in a SourceForge tracker item) that
> it might be incompatible with one of the smtp auth patches
> for qmail.  I know for a fact that I can't use CRAM-MD5
> from Apple Mail to my server, so I don't doubt that
> there's a need for a patch.
> If anyone out there can test CRAM-MD5 auth, please try applying this 
> patch to rc1 and reporting back whether it fixes the problem.  Also, 
> please report the source of your SMTP AUTH patch if known.

I just built a new mail server with 5.4.0-rc1, qmail 1.03
and that 0.42 smtpauth patch from the URL above and
cram does not work.  Regular login and plain works


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