Jeremy Kitchen wrote:
> It states clearly that POP3 clients that break here, they
> violate STD53 That is courier saying that.  It doesn't HAVE to be
> there, but it can be. 

It's a courier bug, for you?

>> Another thing:
> they look like successful logins to me.  You have an MUA
> issue, and are blaming courier for it.  Try a different MUA.

Wich MUA, for example?
I need a pop3+ssl to connect to vpopmail for roaming through my smtp relay.
I've tried with qmail-pop3d with ucspi-ssl, auth is ok, I could download my
emails, but the roaming doesn't work.
With courier (2.2.1) I've problems to connect to vpopmail, or
(now: I couldn't donwload the emails (I don't know if the
roaming works).
Courier+relay-ctrl has a bug: an user with password wrong opens the smtp

Well, what I've to try?
All advices are appreciates to me.


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