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From: "Andrea Riela" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Subject: [vchkpw] vchkpw and courier 2.2.2 (probably a bug)

> Hi folks,
> I've tryed to connect courier-2.2.2 with authvchkpw to the
> vpopmail-5.4.0-rc1, and probably I've finded a bug. MrSam has confirmed. I
> hope my test could help you to define the bug, and to find the solution.
> The thread in courier-imap ml is this: '[Courier-imap] Re:
> courier-, vpopmail-5.4.0-rc1 and authentication problem'

I have been doing some testing against that 2.2.2 build, and I have found
the bug.

I should have a patch available soon


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