On Fri, 2004-01-16 at 11:25, Chris Hardie wrote:
> On Fri, 16 Jan 2004, Jeremy Kitchen wrote:
> > I would simply disable pop-before-smtp for this user.  Look at
> > vmoduser.  Then, add RELAYCLIENT="" to your original line, and call it
> > good.
> I see why that would work (though I think you didn't mean the part about
> putting RELAYCLIENT="" in tcp.smtp, as that disables qmail-scanner), but
> it doesn't seem to scale very well.  As other users on do
> the same thing, we'd have to watch for them and vmoduser each one.

well then you'll have to either:

a) vmoduser all of them and force the other clients on that IP to use
SMTP auth.

b) set up another qmail-smtpd service specifically for the server you
want to have all mail from scanned with qmail-scanner, and configure
that server to use your new qmail-smtpd service.

there's no other way to do it, since tcpserver doesn't know which client
is which, it just knows IPs, and since you pointed out that
qmail-scanner doesn't run if the RELAYCLIENT is set, then having them
both on the same port/ip is not possible.

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