On Fri, 16 Jan 2004, Mauricio Teixeira (listas) wrote:

> Em Sex, 2004-01-16 ās 14:24, Chris Hardie escreveu:
> > Hmm, if it's in the run file, isn't it still subject to the rules of
> > tcpserver, in terms of the impact the environment variables have?  Perhaps
> The variable is used by qmail-smtpd to determine how it will queue the
> mesage. "tcpserver" does not know anything about it.
> qmail-qsmtpd/run follows:
> ...snip...
> QMAILQUEUE="bin/qmail-scanner-queue.pl"

I was able to clarify why running qmail-scanner globally doesn't solve the
problem.  The RELAYCLIENT environment variable is still being set via
open-smtp, and so qmail-scanner still refuses to examine mail from IPs
which have been the source of a successful POP session when roaming users
is enabled.  So again, a POP user is able to unintentionally override the
environment settings in tcp.smtp that should presumably take precedence.


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