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To understand the deliver process better I have a few questions.  Qmail receives an email for delivery.  It finds the domain in the virtualdomains file.  It looks in the assigns file and sees that the mail needs to be delivered to the /opt/vpopmail/domains/aurum-email.net (in my case)  directory.  My assigns file is as so:

+aurum-email.net-:aurum-email.net:89:89:/opt/vpopmail/domains/aurum- email.net:-::

Then it looks for a /opt/vpopmail/domains/aurum-email.net/.qmail-user file with delivery instructions for the mail. Vpopmail doesn't even get involved at this point, so make sure all of your .qmail-user files point to valid Maildirs. Could you have an old alias that points to a now non-existent Maildir?

Newer versions of qmailadmin show bad aliases like that in red, so they're easy to see.

So it looks in /opt/vpopmail/domains/aurum-email.net for the .qmail-default file to proceed with delivery.  The .qmail-default has the following:

| /opt/vpopmail/bin/vdelivermail '' /opt/vpopmail/domains/aurum-email.net/postmaster

So Qmail runs vdelivermail to deliver the email.  It knows where the user's maildir is and puts the email there.

vdelivermail checks for entries in the valias table (if compiled that way), and then tries to look up the user in the user database and deliver the mail to the directory specified there. If the user doesn't exist, then it delivers the mail to the default location. In your case, the postmaster mailbox.

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