> I know qmail-scanner.pl, but is this a fast method ? 
> Meanwhile.. My Spamassassin needs aproximately 10 seconds for 
> scanning one message. Is this the normal duration ?

I use a known spam message as a test bed for tuning performance of our
SpamAssassin installation.

You can run:

cat /path/to/known/spam/message | spamassassin -D

Review the output of this command to determine which processes are
taking so long.

More than likely you are making DNS calls to RBLs that aren't responding
in a timely fashion or are using another service (pyzor, which we have
had disabled since December) that is slow to return a response.

With proper tuning your SpamAssassin can be made to scan messages in
under .6 seconds with a full battary of external tests. (This is even on
a 1GHz 512MB AMD Athlon machine.)

If anybody is interested in some of the performance tweaks we have made
to SA, please let me know.

Tom Walsh
Network Administrator

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