> On Mon, 2004-01-26 at 15:57, Tom Walsh wrote:
> > > I know qmail-scanner.pl, but is this a fast method ?
> > > Meanwhile.. My Spamassassin needs aproximately 10 seconds for 
> > > scanning one message. Is this the normal duration ?
> > 
> > I use a known spam message as a test bed for tuning 
> performance of our 
> > SpamAssassin installation.
> > 
> > You can run:
> > 
> > cat /path/to/known/spam/message | spamassassin -D
> you should be using spamc and not spamassassin.
> spamd/spamc is a much better combination, especially on 
> heavily loaded servers.


While you are completely right spamc/spamd are a better combination for
performance, there are no debugging abilities in spamc/spamd where as
there are many debugging functionalities in the standalone spamassassin

The purpose of my example was to help troubleshoot a slow spamassassin
installation, not to provide a working solution to the problem.

I stand by the fact that running spamassassin with the -D comamndline
switch is an effective method of testing spamassassin and the various
checks that SA performs.

Tom Walsh
Network Administrator

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