qmail-scanner-queue.pl runs spamassassin, razor2, pyzor, clamav, and its own internal scanner, as well as doing rbl lookups, in under 1 second per message, usually about .8 seconds for me.

The 10 second delay as someone pointed out is the default timeout for rbl lookups.

I had this problem and I recently groomed my rblsmtpd list. I was using servers that were down.

The following list may use some services that are a little agressive, though I now have no (known) issues with valid mails being bounced, but in combination with spamassassin, as well as an address known to many spammers (used to get 80+ per day), a few spams make it into my inbox per week.

More info about these hosts can be found through their websites.

Also, by following /var/log/qmail/smtpd/current, you can follow rblsmtpd's actions, for debugging, etc.

FYI: (live, fast responding rbl hosts as of 1/26/03)

/usr/local/bin/rblsmtpd \
-r sbl-xbl.spamhaus.org \
-r blackholes.mail-abuse.org \
-r list.dsbl.org \
-r bl.spamcop.net  \
-r relays.ordb.org \
-r dnsbl.ahbl.org \
/var/qmail/bin/qmail-smtpd \


Alex Martin

knom wrote:

Hi people !

I want to install Spamassassin and Clam Antivirus with vpopmail !
Do you suggest any high speed scanning tool ?

I know qmail-scanner.pl, but is this a fast method ? Meanwhile.. My
Spamassassin needs aproximately 10 seconds for scanning one message.
Is this the normal duration ?

My "homegrown" Mailserver uses vpopmail/qmail and has about 200 Mails per
day :)

Thanks very much,

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