Hello all,

I've search high, low, and in the between places, but haven't been able to
get any help for my present problem at all. But I suppose I should provide
some background first.

I am running qmail 1.03-r13, qmail-scanner 1.16-r2, SpamAssassin 2.62,
maildrop 1.5.3, f-prot 4.3.2, and vpopmail 5.4.0-rc1, all on a Gentoo
server installation. My installation is very very similar (with a few
minor exceptions) to this guide's
(http://forums.gentoo.org/viewtopic.php?t=111817). For the most part,
everything is working as intended, but I do have one very large, prominent
glitch. My aliases are not working.

The log files have been less then helpful in showing me where the problem
is, but from what I can see, so far, I gather things are going something
like this:

 * qmail accepts mail for [EMAIL PROTECTED]
 * qmail acknowledges [EMAIL PROTECTED] as an alias for
 * qmail sends the mail to qmail-scanner, which scans the mail
appropriately, and sends it into the queue.
 * qmail-queue happily informs me that the mail for [EMAIL PROTECTED]
could not be delivered because the maildir for user_alias does not exist,
despite the fact that it already told me it knows this mail should go to

I'm not really sure where things are going wrong here, it almost appears
like somewhere in the chain it is 'forgetting' that [EMAIL PROTECTED]
is an alias for real_user... In fact, I half suspect that qmail-scanner is
at fault, but have no way to verify this. If anyone can point me at any
relevant information, I'd be ecstatic.

Kirk Smith
the Illiji network

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