I have two server running vpopmail (5.3.27 on the first and 5.3.30 on
the second), some user have a particular .qmail file (with some
command executed with | command) and all work fine.
The problem (on both version) come when I try to put a multiple
maildir delivery command in .qmail file, like this:


the message was put in Maildir/new, but the second delivery get this
error (from qmail-send log):

starting delivery 10826: msg 178327 to local ./Maildir2/@the_host
status: local 1/20 remote 0/40
delivery 10826: failure: Sorry,_no_mailbox_here_by_that_name._(#5.1.1)/
status: local 0/20 remote 0/40

of course, the problem come only on vpopmail's domains, some hint
about it?

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