On Feb 24, 2004, at 6:29 AM, Alexander Gruber wrote:
i have a problem with my vpopmail installation in conjunction with cram-md5. everything worked fine till i upgraded from vpopmail 5.4.0-pre2 to 5.4.1. i canīt use cram-md5 anymore and i always get the message vchkpw-smtp: password fail. up to now qmail patched with the smtp-auth patch did my cram-md5 authentification.

Early versions of the CRAM-MD5 patch to qmail-smptd passed the information to vchkpw in the wrong order. The newer versions of that patch, including the one in the contrib directory of vpopmail 5.4.0 and later, are written correctly.

Unfortunately, vchkpw up until 5.4.0 (final) was coded to the old, incorrect cram-md5 patch. Make sure that you re-patch qmail-smtpd with the new CRAM-MD5 patch.

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