At 14:33 25.02.04 +0100, Martin Kos wrote:
>On Tue, 24 Feb 2004, Tom Collins wrote:
>>Unfortunately, vchkpw up until 5.4.0 (final) was coded to the
>>old, incorrect cram-md5 patch.  Make sure that you re-patch
>>qmail-smtpd with the new CRAM-MD5 patch.
>from README.auth: "There is no need to include additionally the
>hostname in the call."
>is this new? .. i've thought there was some time ago some "rumor"
>about people that haven't added the hostname in the commandline
>of qmail-smtpd and have had an open relay or so?

No. Actually, the opposite if true:

In the old scheme:

... qmail-smtpd hostname pam true

in case you miss to include the hostname, your MTA is acting as on open relay.

In the new scheme:

... qmail-smtpd pam true

if you include the hostname by mistake (as above), AUTH will fail; thats it.

>i had some time to figure out why after upgrading to
>vpopmail-5.4.x first the cram-md5 wasn't working and after
>upgrading to netqmail-1.05 with toaster-0.6.1 the whole smtp-auth
>thing wasn't working......

You should prefer reading the documentation and READMEs rather then listing
to rumors.

See in addition:


There's a lot of reasoning.


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