On Tue, 24 Feb 2004, Tom Collins wrote:

>Unfortunately, vchkpw up until 5.4.0 (final) was coded to the
>old, incorrect cram-md5 patch.  Make sure that you re-patch
>qmail-smtpd with the new CRAM-MD5 patch.

from README.auth: "There is no need to include additionally the
hostname in the call."

is this new? .. i've thought there was some time ago some "rumor"
about people that haven't added the hostname in the commandline
of qmail-smtpd and have had an open relay or so?

i had some time to figure out why after upgrading to
vpopmail-5.4.x first the cram-md5 wasn't working and after
upgrading to netqmail-1.05 with toaster-0.6.1 the whole smtp-auth
thing wasn't working......

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