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Could you please tell me what you think of this ?

The problem with patching vdelivermail in that manner is that users won't be able to send themselves email.

Also, you should be using the sender from the SMTP envelope, and not trying to parse the From: header in the email. I'm not sure how to access that address from vpopmail.

I took a look at the documentation for ezmlm (which you could have done yourself if you weren't lazy) and found that ezmlm-send has the option you need.

The âC switch prevents posts from being set to SENDER. Rather than just
copying out subscriber address files, ezmlmâsend has to parse them to
look for SENDER. This makes it less efficient. Also, it is useful for
the SENDER to see the post to know that it has made it to the list, and
itâs context to other subscribers, i.e. where it came within the trafâ
fic of messages on the list.

Avoiding SENDER as a recipient is useful in small lists, such as small
teams with varying members, where ezmlm serves mainly as an efficient
tool to keep the team connected without administrator intervention.
Here the overhead of subscriber list parsing is negligible.

Manually edit the .qmail-listname file (which is actually a link to listname/editor) in the site's directory. Add -C after ezmlm-send and before the first parameter (the list directory).

If you have a moderated list, it will use ezmlm-gate instead. Checking the man page for ezmlm-gate tells us that you can add the -C option and it will be passed to ezmlm-send.

Feel free to log into SourceForge (url in sig) and add a feature request for us to add this to qmailadmin. It will get a low priority, and probably won't be acted on unless someone sponsors its development.

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