On Sun, 2004-03-28 at 02:21, David wrote:
> The reply, on the log, from vpopmail , it's just the "not found user"
> code part:
>    if ( fs == NULL ) {
>           printf("Sorry, no mailbox here by that name. vpopmail
> (#5.1.1)\n");
> So it doesn't matter if you're using mailbox, maildir, whatever,
> vpopmail is going to reply always that.

and changing the qmail-start command line has no impact whatsoever on
vpopmail because it uses a .qmail file that has content, which overrides

You shouldn't need to look at the vpopmail sourcecode to understand

man qmail-start
man qmail-lspawn
man qmail-local
man dot-qmail

> And stop changing defauldelivery from mailbox to maildir to see what
> happens. Mailbox is for common unix users, created on the system using
> adduser. Not your case.

you could have ./jimbob's_rib_shack in defaultdelivery and it would have
no impact on vpopmail.

> Vpopmail doesn't need restart. It's invoked each time you call it, from
> the qmail supervise script.

no, vdelivermail is called by qmail-local as instructed by the
.qmail-default file in the domain's home directory.

man qmail-local
man dot-qmail

Question for Eirik:

did you by chance recompile vpopmail recently?

You might also want to try ~vpopmail/bin/vmkpasswd domain for the domain
and see what happens.  Also!  You might want to check the perms on the
vpasswd file in the domain's home directory.


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