Hi all,

This is somewhat OT, but I'm curious what people here are using for radius
authentication against the vpopmail mysql db?  There are a number that
support SQL auth, but the whole "pw_gid" thing in vpopmail is giving me
some pains.  I wish to use the dialup y/n flags that end up in the pw_gid
field, but I'm also looking to use the user defined flags to also denote
if a given user should be able to auth via radius for news or roaming

So far this doesn't look possible (or let's say "easy").  FreeRadius,
gnu-radius, openradius all lack the ability to alter the sql query based
on which client "NAS" connects.

How are other people solving this problem?  I'd love to keep the vpopmail
db as the master reference for all radius-authenticated services.

Also, does anyone have some info on what exactly the values in pw_gid are?
It's numeric, and it varies is about all I can gather from poking around.



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