Would someone please make sure this information finds a home somewhere in the vpopmail distribution!

Thanks, Rick

Ken Jones wrote:

On Wednesday 31 March 2004 07:42 pm, Charles Sprickman wrote:

Hi all,
Also, does anyone have some info on what exactly the values in pw_gid are?
It's numeric, and it varies is about all I can gather from poking around.

I'll try to give a detailed listing.
#define NO_PASSWD_CHNG 0x01
If set, the code should not allow the password to be changed

#define NO_POP         0x02
If set, reject pop authentications

#define NO_WEBMAIL     0x04
If set, reject webmail authentications

#define NO_IMAP        0x08
If set, reject imap authentications

#define BOUNCE_MAIL    0x10
If set, bounce any incoming mail back to the sender

#define NO_RELAY       0x20
If set, do not allow the account to relay email.
This is useful for sites that want to have email accounts that
are only allowed to send email internally.

#define NO_DIALUP      0x40
If set, code should not allow dialup access. This was originally
added to support radius sites.

#define V_USER0       0x080
#define V_USER1       0x100
#define V_USER2       0x200
#define V_USER3       0x400
After adding the NO_DIALUP flag we relalized there may be other
flags people will want that are not directly used by any email code.

#define NO_SMTP       0x800
If set, do not allow smtp connections.

#define QA_ADMIN     0x1000
If set, the user is granted admin privilages in qmailadmin

#define V_OVERRIDE   0x2000
If set, the user is not subject to domain limits. Part of the
vlimit code.

#define NO_SPAMASSASSIN 0x4000
If set, (and --enable-spamassassin=y) do not process the
incoming mail through spamassassin.

#define DELETE_SPAM  0x8000
with --enable-spamasssassin=y setting this flag
will delete all email above the users required_hits

Ken Jones

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