Ken (and anyone else who knows),

Can you explain a bit how these flags work?  When I look in the db at the
pw_gid fields, they are all decimal values (ie: 64, 128, etc.).  I hope
this isn't some kind of bitmasking thing, because that just makes my head

> I'll try to give a detailed listing.

> #define NO_DIALUP      0x40
> If set, code should not allow dialup access. This was originally
> added to support radius sites.

For example, this seems to register as "64".  I am looking to use this, as
well as two of the V_USER flags in combination with radius, but I'm lost
as to how to pick the one value.  If it's "0", obviously that person can
have any service, but it gets confusing if I have NO_DIALUP unset, but
V_USER0 and V_USER1 set (which in my case would mean local dialup only, no
roaming dial and no news access).

I feel I'm missing something fundamental here...



> #define V_USER0       0x080
> #define V_USER1       0x100
> #define V_USER2       0x200
> #define V_USER3       0x400
> After adding the NO_DIALUP flag we relalized there may be other
> flags people will want that are not directly used by any email code.
> #define NO_SMTP       0x800
> If set, do not allow smtp connections.
> #define QA_ADMIN     0x1000
> If set, the user is granted admin privilages in qmailadmin
> #define V_OVERRIDE   0x2000
> If set, the user is not subject to domain limits. Part of the
> vlimit code.
> #define NO_SPAMASSASSIN 0x4000
> If set, (and --enable-spamassassin=y) do not process the
> incoming mail through spamassassin.
> #define DELETE_SPAM  0x8000
> with --enable-spamasssassin=y setting this flag
> will delete all email above the users required_hits
> preference.
> Ken Jones

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