> >>That sounds good. Of course as a C programmer I'd prefer it be
> >>written in C linking in the vpopmail API. I'd like to take a swing
> >>at building it in C over the weekend.  vmailmgr has something
> >>like this already, including a php module to talk to it. Perhaps
> >>we can re-use some of that code.
> >
> >
> > That woudl be the best way. However, then we'd need a PHP API to use in
> > web-apps
> >
> > Solt
> >
> >
> >
> why? We could talk to it using normal sockets. I dont see why it would
> require a special API to talk to a normal deamon on a TCP/IP. Even Unix
> sockets.

Yeah, but why waste time and efficiency? Currently I am involved in Midgard
CMD project and at the very begining we choosed ows PHP API as well as DB
layer and we gained a boost that lets our CMS run on heavily loaded sites.

I'd suggest a vpopmail PHP extension with deamon communication layer. So
that operations would be performed on lower level and would be free from
lazy programmer faults. Most of PHP apps are non-efficient because of bad
implementation of basic procedures like SQL calls, file handling etc.


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