Kurt Bigler wrote:
This is regarding qmail + vpopmail 5.3.12 running under tcpserver, on
FreeBSD 4.6.1.

My server was bouncing *everything* with 5.7.1, that is including stuff that
should have been delivered to domains hosted by my server.

5.7.1 can mean a domain is not on your rcpthosts list. /var/control/rcpthosts

I panicked and just rebooted my server (because reboot is very quick and it
is the most reliable way to fix a bunch of things quickly without having to
take time to identify a problem), and thus lost some of the evidence.

Reboot should be your last thing to try, what if it was more serious and the box never came back up?

But I am suspicious based on previous expeirences that if a certain process
dies that some process starts responding to all smtp requests with 5.7.1.
Or is there any other obvious reason why qmail might go into a permanent
5.7.1 mode?

Check rcpthosts, restart qmail-smtpd, only things that would affect a 5.7.1. Which means permanent error, or permanent not allowed.

Thanks for any thoughts, and sorry to be so lacking in info.  I did do a
quick ps when I discovered the problem and I'm pretty sure that the
tcpserver process involving qmail-smtpd was probably not there.  I only
remembered it should have been there after rebooting and doing another ps.
Is there some default mode for smtp connections that takes over under such a

Well, if your SMTP service was not there, your server could not be accepting mail, thus there would be nothing to bounce. Thus it would not be able to create 5.7.1 bounces in the first place.

Kurt Bigler

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