Never used remote logging for multilog so I can't tell you about that, but
it looks pretty straight forward.  NFS settings can be tweaked to improve
its performance/bandwidth usage.  I've only seen it chew up a ton of
bandwidth when things aren't setup properly, or when a drive couldn't be
mounted properly.

As for your mysql two-way replication.  Ordinarily I'd say this was a bad
and evil idea, in the case of the vpopmail database it should be fine.
Since they key their records with text fields and not numerical ones the
risk of a duplicate key breaking replication is almost non existent.  Both
servers would have to add the same [EMAIL PROTECTED] at the same time, and
what are the chances of that...  The other option though, is that vpopmail
does support a master/slave setup where any writable queries go to server X
while readable ones are done locally for performance.  This is a better
scenario than two way replication since you don't run the risk of
replication breakage.

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Subject: [vchkpw] Server Farm..

I am in the process of migrating our qmail/vpopmail/webmail box to a
server farm (Using ServerIron for Load Balancing)

I have decided to log everything to a central log server (To simplify
support and generation of stats), and came across the following:

The following describes how to log to remote host using multilog and

Has anyone used the above - Or has comments suggestions on an

I was also thinking of having mysql servers(2 to begin with) in a Mutual
Master-Slave relationship (Sitting behind a loadbalancer), and have all
qmail/vpopmail/webmail boxes connect to the one (Loadbalanced) IP for
auth....Although I have never used Mutual Master-Slave relationship with
MySQL, and do not know how effective it is? (If anyone has an alternate
solution, please let me know!)

We are building the NAS ourselves, and I have had a few reports that NFS
was "a total bandwidth whore" - Therefore was considering running Samba
Would also appreciate anyones experiences(Difficulty in setting up,
scalability etc) with using either LDAP, Kerberos or (maybe?) Radius for
auth - As I've heard NIS has security issues?

Thanks in advance.


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