Marcin Soltysiak wrote:

Either I am missing something or... If we use full path then same operations
would look like:

 Sys Admin would send same as
 The Domain admin would send same as
 And the user would send:

write_file /path/to/vpopmail/home/domains/

And this way we let the user know ~vpopmail. I know that in concepts,
ordinary user should not use plain vpopmaild protocol but PHP application,
but since we don't work in secret I can imagine that one day one of my
customers that feels geek in programing would come and request "Hey man,
where is your ~vpopmail? I don't like your admin UI and I want to write my

In case od b) I wouldn't have to tell him the path. He would just stick to

write_file /VacationMessage

when logging as [EMAIL PROTECTED]

There is no need to send the ~vpopmail/domains/ part of the path, because the user has no choice on that part. If we always send the full path from that point down, then the path is always:


or maybe


I think both should be allowed, and have the same meaning.


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