I just uploaded a new PHP object to interface to the vpopmaild daemon.


vpopmail.pobj is the source code for the actual object.

README lists all available methods in the object.

example.php is a command line PHP program that tests the object, and gives examples of how to use it.

example.output is a cut down listing of the example program output on my server. I have 3108 users and 1563 domains in the test data I am using.

The example program requires a CLI (Command Line) version of PHP that was ./configured with enable-streams. If you add a little HTML, it should run to a web browser too.

It now supports all the currently existing functions of vpopmaild that return data:

login, user_info, list_dir, read_file, list_domains, list_users, get_limits, get_lastauth, get_lastauthip, quit.

I will work on the functions that take action tomorrow:

add_user, del_user, mod_user, add_domain, mk_dir, rm_file, set_limits, del_limits.

You can expect them to take parameters like ( $Domain, $User, $Whatever... ), always in that order. Where possible you will be able to retrieve an array of data from one of the data return functions, adjust the contents of that array and pass it to one of these functions to adjust things in the mail system.

There are other functions defined in vpopmaild that don't contain any code yet. I will work on them as soon as I get a version of the daemon that actually supports them:

dom_info, write_file, list_lists, get_ip_map, add_ip_map, del_ip_map, show_ip_map, add_list, del_list, mod_list.

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