I've seen a few people complaining that their mail is getting bounced.
Not good, needless to say.  On examing the bounces, I see that it's the
chkusr error message that the user does not exist.

At this point my best guess, by looking at overall server activity is that
this is happening when the machine really gets swamped (all incoming smtp
connections chewed up with spam runs - this server and a backup server).
I have mysql set to 500 max connections, and just bumped that up to 800.

I was surprised a bit by how chkusr behaves if the mysql server goes away
- rather than erring on the side of caution and trying to deliver the
mail, it bounces it.  I verified this on a test box.

FWIW, this is the Shupp chkusr patch, there's no version info in the
patch, but it looks like it was made 3/16/2003.

Is this how chkusr is "supposed" to operate?  If so, I need an
alternative, as most other parts of vpopmail survive a brief database
outage without dumping good mail.

Are there any other tested "chkusr" type patches out there?  Please share!



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