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tonix (Antonio Nati) wrote:

I feel it would be nice if it could be developed another set of "robust" vpopmail calls.

What if you had vauth_open() which you can call early in the program. If it returns 0, you have a valid authentication connection and can expect later calls to work. If it returns any other value it is the error returned trying to open the authentication database.

I'm using vpopmail 5.3.6, but the situation looks the same for following releases...

In 5.3.6 vauth_open() does not exists for MySQL, while it does exists for other libraries (but not LDAP).

The same call should exist for all type of connections, otherwise it is hard to use in a general way.

So this "robust" set I'm asking for should be (at first) available and coherent for all types of databases.


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