Charles Sprickman wrote:

Just following up on my own question a bit...

I'm trying to figure out how many mysql hits a single incoming message can
generate to arrive at a max_connections setting for mysql.

Worst case, I assume it would look like this:

-initial chkusr check (is it a valid address?)
-smtp-auth (possible if it's a local user sending to another)
-vdelivermail (look up where to deliver)
-spamc (if user has spamassassin enabled, prefs fetched via mysql)

Am I missing anything on the delivery side?

Potentially more calls to vuserinfo (like from a maildrop script to determine where the Maildir is) from later delivery pieces.

These obviously aren't all concurrent, but the hits are all pretty

So if I am allowing a max of 100 concurrent qmail-smtpd's, what would be a
"safe" number of concurrent mysql connections when the box is maxed out?
Multiply 100 by 2, 3, 4?

This isn't really the way to approach it. Look at what things can be running concurrently:
qmail-smtpd, qmail-local, vdelivermail, spamc. The qmail-local is controllable, which you then just multiply by 3 to account for the rapid fire nature.

For mail retrieval, I can measure a bit more easily...



Hope that helps,
Nick Harring

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