On Thursday 13 May 2004 11:11 am, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> > On Thursday 13 May 2004 4:56 am, Rick Widmer wrote:
> >> Patrick Donker wrote:
> >> > Where can I get the 5.5.1 devel? On Sourceforge I can only download
> >>
> >> 5.5.0
> >
> > Rick,
> >
> > Lets work towards a new devel version release. Plus I'd like to finish up
> > the
> > outstanding work on the vpopmail daemon. On the devel list...
> >
> > Ken
> my understanding from Tom's note was that 5.5.x-dev shouldnt be used for
> production servers (as the 5.3-4.x tree was):
>       Many people got comfortable using development releases on production
> servers during the 5.3 series.  We don't recommend doing that with
> this series as the releases won't be thoroughly tested.

Well, we are using the 5.5 version in production since we need the
spamassassin support in vdelivermail. It is (or was) production ready.
I'm in charge of the 5.5 releases. Tom is working on keeping the
5.4 series clean and bug free. I usually like to use this kind of new
feature in production systems for a few weeks before letting it 
loose on the world. It's been over a month now, so it should be
good to go as a 5.5.1 release for people who need this feature.

> Rick/Ken: spamassassin processing via vdelivermail is greatly anticipated.
>  will vdelivermail be able to handle *filtering* as well.. or will that
> have to be passed off to something like maildrop still?
It calls spamd, that's it. Sounds like maildrop would still need to be called.

> from what i've seen, tapping spamassassin at SMTP (tcpserver or
> qmail-scanner) has been very wasteful and it slows the SMTP connection,
> since it processes all (including nondeliverable) mails.
Plus, if the email is to be delivered to multiple people, and each person
has a different spamassasssin configuration, then it might not even be
possible to implement at the smtp level. 
Under qmail-local/vdelivermail the email is only delivered to
one person at a time so each users spamassassin settings can be used. 


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