Ken Jones wrote:
On Wednesday 12 May 2004 3:05 pm, James Treworgy wrote:
I'm relatively new to vpopmail/qmailadmin so I don't know if this is
possible to configure either by hand or through qmailadmin. I've read
everything I could and couldn't find an answer to my question; the
instructions for handling mail filtering seems different. Any suggestions
or existing hacks?

If you use the lastest devel version (we use 5.5.1 in production) you
can use the new spamassasin code. It integrates calling spamassassin
into the vdelivermail program using some flags in the gid field. Use
--enable-spamassassin=y on the configure line. Then you can use
regular .qmail files without the pipe command, hence qmailadmin
won't step on them. 

Hope that helps
Ken Jones

Where can I get the 5.5.1 devel? On Sourceforge I can only download 5.5.0

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