At 05:10 AM 5/8/2004, X-Istence wrote:
Paul Theodoropoulos wrote:
oh dear god. now we have to have this crap posted to the vchkpw list too?

Please keep your religion to yourself. Not everyone believes in a god.

how incredibly tedious. it's an exclamation, not a profession of faith. likewise, my reference to crap doesn't mean that i percieve the issue to be with actual steaming feces posted to the list.

No, but it makes it really annoying to read list archives at sites that have the entire message. Cause it doesnt really let you know where new stuff is post compared to older info.

oddly enough, when i read list archives, the responses are threaded, so it's perfectly clear what a response is in reference to. perhaps it's a reading comprehension difficulty. i blame the public school systems.

one should TRIM one's posts to include only the most relevant, quoted parts.

Sorry, i mostly do this, forgot this one time. Forgive me.

forgiveness is an article of faith. "please keep your religion to yourself". sheesh. in any event, you rarely trim. the archives are available to back that up.

i find untrimmed posts annoying. shall i start berating the list every time you do it?

Sure. I couldnt care less.

great, will do.

apologies in advance, this kind of passive-aggressive control freak behavior gets under my skin.

So does top posting.

that would be implicit in my rant. or were you suggesting that top posting gets under *your* skin. in that case, well, again, i blame the public school systems.

okay, flames off, back to the normal technical discussion, sorry for jumping on you x-istence, but i find mr. cazabon's multiparagraph admonishment about top posting to be a much worse annoyance than top posting itself, and a disruption to communication, which defeats the purpose.

Paul Theodoropoulos

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