I have inherited a qmail installation, and we now have a fair amount of
(customer-visible) infrastructure that appears to depend on qmail.

Thus, when the decision was made that we needed to be able to
support customer-managed mailing lists, I poked around a bit and found
that (apparently) ezmlm is the usual mailing list manager intended for
use in a qmail environment.

Since the vast bulk of our clients (both current and prospective) are
not especially proficient with UNIX or the arcana of mailing lists, and
since there are (FreeBSD) "ports" of ezmlm-idx and ezmlm-web handy, I
installed those.

I have been customizing things in an attempt to make the result more
likely to be usable for the intended audience, but I'm seeing things
that look to me to be a bit awkward to explain (let alone implement with
any semblance of security).  And there are some things (ezmlm-web's
"help", for example) that do not seem to function at all.  Since this is
my first foray into ezmlm (& derivatives), I don't know whether this is
to be expected or not.

Complicating things (apparently) is that our mail server is separate
from the Web server on which we provide clients' virtual hosts:  I am
hoping to be able to allow a customer to create (say)
"[EMAIL PROTECTED]" (but ezmlm-web appears to want to use the canonical
hostname for the mail server as the RHS of the email address).

Is there some other choice I might plausibly make to support such lists?

David H. Wolfskill                                 [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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