On Wednesday 30 June 2004 01:27 pm, Eric Anderson wrote:
> Jeremy Kitchen wrote:
> > eww.  don't use that.  Gentoo's qmail and qmail-related ebuilds are
> > totally screwed.
> That is what I am stuck with. I don't have time to maintain each package
> on the system individually so ebuilds are the only way I can keep my
> admin time down.

what's to maintain about qmail?  It never changes.  It hasn't changed in 6 

> > remove all that crap and install via www.lifewithqmail.org
> If that is the only solution then I would rather install something like
> Squirrelmail. I was hoping the avoid the IMAP/POP3 layer and access the
> files directly but if I can't do that "out of the box" then I will just
> have to axe that goal and change to another email frontend.

well, if you install via LWQ you'll have a sane setup that you can easily add 
sqwebmail to.

> Are Gentoo's qmail ebuilds that foobared? Perhaps I would be better off
> using a different mail system if Gentoo's qmail is going to cause me
> problems down the road.

gentoo's qmail is completely and utterly broken.  It also contains a patch 
that allows mail to be delivered to ~root/ which is a major major security 


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