Jeremy Kitchen wrote:
what's to maintain about qmail? It never changes. It hasn't changed in 6 years.

HA! Good point! That was the main reason I chose qmail in the first place. It's partly about consistency. I don't really like to install software unless it is part of the package management system. Even for sqwebmail I created my own (crappy) ebuild. I want to have one standard method of maintaining my applications. I don't want to have to learn each programs build environment so that I can maintain my system.

I might make a exception for qmail since it is so stable as you correctly pointed out. Or I may look into what makes qmail such a crappy ebuild and modify it to compile how I want.

gentoo's qmail is completely and utterly broken. It also contains a patch that allows mail to be delivered to ~root/ which is a major major security problem.

Hmm... I defiantly have to look into that. May have to comment out that patch. :) Thanks for the heads up on that also.


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